Tethered Balloon - Sky Lift

Our Skylift Tethered Balloon can provide thousands of people an exciting opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of some of the most beautiful sites on the planet. Everybody’s’ desire to fly can be satisfied by this safe and affordable Helium balloon passenger attraction. Installed in popular tourist locations, the Skylift is unavoidably engaging for visitors and locals alike. It can pay for itself in just one season of successful operations. In addition to offering up to 100,000 passenger rides per year, the SkyLift can also be used as a powerful advertising tool.

Enviromentally friendly
Cost effective

Our unique tethering system which, unlike our competitors, does not use a heavy net, ensures reliable flight operations and efficient ground mooring even in heavy snow conditions. The advanced mooring system with its pneumatic support allows SkyLift to withstanding storms with up to 60 knots of wind and requires a uniquely compact operating site.


Safety standards and high production quality are assured by the system’s internationally recognized Type Certification. Throughout the lifetime of each system Atlas will provide comprehensive maintenance, support and training.

Skylift Technical Data

Balloon volume
3 200 m3
Balloon diameter
18 m
Passenger capacity
18 pax
Normal operating height
150 m / 490 ft
Max wind whilst moored
58 kts
Max operating wind
19 kts
Recommended ride duration
15 mins
Required site diameter
42 m
Power requirement (3 phase 380 V AC)
50 kW

Video Review

Video Review