Unmanned Airships

Atlas Unmanned airships use the same design and operational principles as our Electric Piloted Airships: non rigid “blimp” concept, Hybrid electric propulsion system, mobile mast mooring etc. But in the most cases both much longer endurance and range are required for the unmanned versions. The Atlas innovative Hydrogen powered Dual fuel self-ballasting system (DFBS) enable to extend the flight duration up to 100 hours. The Unmanned Airships can be effectively used for coast or border control, large industrial objects technical and environmental monitoring, special missions, aerial photography and 3D mapping, or any other purposes that require long range/endurance smooth and quiet autonomous flight. These airships can accommodate multiple large size mission payloads such as radars, special missions payload, radio relays, HD EO equipment, Laser scanners, gravimeters, etc.

Long range
Long endurance
Large size payload
Affordable cost

Unmanned Airships Technical Data

Payload weight, kg
10 - 700
Payload power, kW
0 - 20
Flight endurance, h
Range, km
5 000
Max. speed, km/h
Average speed, km/h
Flight altitude, m
4 000

The size and cost of unmanned airships very much depend on the payload weight, dimensions and power consumption, flight endurance and speed. They can be customized to fit your requirements in accordance to the limits shown above.